Retail marketing can be hard.
But it doesn't have to.

Retail is fast. Really fast. With shoppers making decisions in as little as a third of a second, it’s clear why your brand might be overlooked from time to time. For more than 20 years we’ve been helping brands open to the retail environment, safeguarding their presence on shelves and connecting them to shoppers.

Estabilished in 1998

National Coverage

Integrated capabilities

We work at the intersection of commerce and experience.

Retail is not only a sales channel that needs sales support, replenishment and tracking. It is also a communication channel that needs engagement, trial and delight. We blend logistic capabilities with creative abilities in order to deliver end-to-end brand support in retail.

Retail Experience

Shopping is a journey. We create experiences and branded environments that make this journey more engaging and rewarding for the shoppers. 

Retail Execution

Battles are won in the last mile. For brands, they are won at the shelf. We are the scouts in the field that protect your shelf and fight for every potential shopper.

An established agency with a startup mindset

Each agency is unique in its own way. Still, there are a couple of things that we believe set us apart from the rest. 

Proven track record

We value consistency. And we’ve proven it in the thousands of projects we have under our belt. Clients seem to value it also, as they tend to stick around.  

Technological Leadership

We are not a tech company but sometimes we act like one. We’ve developed in-house the technological infrastructure that enables our staff to move at the speed of retail.

Open culture

We are curious by nature. That’s why we’ve proactively dismantled the command & control culture of traditional retail marketing agencies and replaced it with autonomy.

If there is modern retail, we're also there.

We operate in all the cities in Romania that have modern retail venues, from Alexandria to Zalau and Arad to Vaslui. No matter in what location your brand needs support, most probably we are already there.

News & Views

Find out what’s happening in g7 and our thoughts on retail marketing, brand engagement, distributed workforces, loyalty, and just about anything else that sparks our interest.  

Explore solutions for:


We help brands to manifest in retail through branding, packaging, on-shelf communication and branded experiences.


We help solidify your footprint in selected retailers through category branding, special displays, product demos and retail-specific activations. 


We help you expand your reach with commercial representation, dedicated shelf consultants and multibrand merchandising support. 

Long-term partnerships

The first client who walked through our door more than 20 years ago is still with us today. And that holds testimony to our commitment to long-term partnerships. We work with industry leaders but also upcoming challengers in doing what we do best: moving products in shopping carts and brands in people’s hearts. 

Member of Europe's
leading FM organization

g7 is the exclusive partner of EFMP for Romania and Moldova, a partnership that brings together market-leading independent agencies from within all European markets. This enables our clients to rely on the best retail marketing support whenever they chose to expand their presence to other geographies, while still maintaining a single-point of contact.