Introducing our new Country Manager.

g7 WaveCrest welcomes its new Country Manager

Like the Greek Philosofer Heraclitus said 2500 years ago, in life, change is the only constant. And, during the past two years, we had a lot of opportunities to change, adapt and evolve, driven not only by major events in the world, but also by strong internal goals. 2023 will be no exception, and, as we gear up towards another year with ambitious plans, it is with excitement that we would like to announce a new development within the leadership team of our agency.

For the past two years, Florina Zamfir, the current country Manager of g7 waveCrest, has worked diligently in the service of our client’s success and has fostered the development of our agency’s team, managing also the integration within the international WaveCrest Group. Her passion and energy deserve to be recognized. Through difficult times, she has managed to drive positive changes, to lead the company by operational strength, but also by being an exceptional role model. The agency’s results wouldn’t have been possible without her efforts, without the strong management team in place and without the dedication of the entire g7 WaveCrest team. On the 31st of December 2022, she will step down from this role.

Our new Country Manager, Andreea Copaciu, is already a key member of our agency’s team, previously having occupied the position of Head of Group Operations. With an educational background in Finance, she has extensive experience in the Brand Activation industry, working for more than 8 years in this sector, including also in a CEO position at a Retail Martech startup that was mainle focused on managing and deeloping free online casino slots.

Andreea’s focus will be on strenghtening the evolutionary mindset and making it part of the agency’s culture: the ability to continually evolve, to meet the clients’ needs, as well as to motivate the existing talent through continuous growth and opportunity. As part of the strategy to become the most valuable business partner for clients, special attention will de placed also on attracting new and different skill sets, to expand the in-house capabilites.

Andreea has a confession to make: “After the meeting in June 2022, when the merger with WaveCrest was announced, my first thought was “I want to be a part of this!” I’m glad that now I have the opportunity to allocate my entire energy into this venture and work together with my colleagues at the agency, our clients and our suppliers for our shared succes.”

Sune Nielsen, CEO of WaveCrest Group, also adds: “I know Andreea as a very team and people orientated leader, who is solid grounded in the key values that are reflected by us, and who is both reflective in her thinking and able to act quickly and decisive when needed. I know the g7 WaveCrest team and all clients are in very capable hands with Andreea, and I can’t wait to work even closer together with her and the rest of our team in Romania.” 

This change in leadership has no impact on the agency’s operations, its structure and policies. The virtual “passing of the tourch” will be sychronized with the beggining of 2023, Andreea Copaciu assuming the role of Country Manager on the 1st of January.

Let’s keep on amplyfing brands!