Retail Experience

Interactions that transform the shopper journey

Brands are alive only when they are interacting with consumers. And there’s no interaction ground as the shop-floor. With every product picked up from the shelf, every call-to-action followed and every conversation started with the shoppers, brands become stronger. In the end, this is how great brands are built: one memorable experience at a time.

From idea to the shop floor

Our creative skills are fine-tuned to the retail environment. We design from the get-go with execution in mind and we implement in store with 3D renders in front of our eyes. With end-to-end in house capabilities, we are native in creative retail work.

Engagement Concepts

Every successful campaign or brand engagement action starts with a BIG IDEA. Thanks to our dedicated senior creative team and our rich experience, we are the best of the best, nation-wide, when it comes to brand engagement.

3D Design

3D design is the missing link between an idea and an actual imagined object. We basically create things out of thin air: from packaging and POSMs to complex set-ups and decorations, creating unique immersive experiences each time.

Art Direction

Consumers are currently living in an overcrowded environment, where the number of ads and information is overwhelming. What we do, in order to stand out, is provide images with actual stopping power which accurately transmit the brand’s personality.


Finding your brand’s voice is one of the most important aspects when it comes to memorability. We design complex stories and content adaptable to multiple channels in order to ensure a unique customer experience.

Digital Development

If you’re not online then you should be. Developing a strong digital presence is something self-implied when seeking any kind of brand awareness. That’s why we have a team of dedicated digital solution architects to answer your every need.

UX Design

Being surrounded by so many screens and different interfaces every day, made user experience essential. That’s why we mix best practices in behaviour planning with modern trends in graphic design in order to create the ultimate UX.

Brand strategy

Brand building is not only about brand communication it’s about the whole marketing mix. From distribution strategy to pricing and long-term communication goals, we master it all.

Omnichannel integrations

This is all about getting the right message across to the right consumer at the right moment through the right channel. And when it comes to communication planning, given our extensive expertise, we can plan the best solutions for your needs.


Every produced material that has your logo is an actual brand artefact which consumers will associate with your brand. But no worries, because we have the know-how in order to offer you the best ratio between quality, cost and time.


Events with busking concerts between the shelves, promotions involving lion cages and sound meters or samplings through virtual hostesses, it’s fair to say we’ve created all sorts of experiences with stopping power for the brands we help get noticed.   

Brand Visibility

Point of Sale design

On-shelf POSM communication

Shop-in-Shop | Pop-up Shop


Out of store events

Shopper Activation

Creative Sampling | Demos

Retail Promotions

Retail Shows


Brand Identity


Category branding

Promotional co-branding

Digital Retail

Smart POSMs

Promotional microsites

AR experiences

Every project is unique

Every brand is unique and every market context has its own challenges. We approach all with the same curiosity and desire to create value. Have a look at some of the projects we’ve developed for our clients in the past.

Experience + Execution

Retail experience is just one side of your brand’s story. The strength of our agency shows best when we bring retail experience and execution together under a seamless approach.