Our people

A business with and about people​

Even with all our processes, our best practices and our distinct take on brand communication, it all comes down to the team and the culture we’re fostering in our agency. We value the sharing of ideas, insights and emerging trends, both within and across disciplines.

Whether on-site with customers, in the client’s meeting rooms, in the back office or in the creative studio, our people strive to deliver the brand engagement that touches people’s tension points and builds on emerging trends.

The values that drive us in all we do.

When merely written on a wall, values are of little value. They become relevant only when they are engrained in the behaviors people show every day while working together, servicing clients, or contracting suppliers. From hiring to promoting, our values shape our team for the better. If you share the same principles as us, you will find your experience with g7 as a rewarding one.     

Hunger for progress

Embracing change

We work in an industry with rapid change and constant innovation and we understand that it rewards only those who dare. Therefore, we dare to think, innovate and act. We are restless in our pursuit of ideas and initiatives that can take us to the next level. We constantly challenge the status quo.

Idea is king

Coming up with new ideas is not something that is limited to a job title or a particular department. We know that excellent ideas can come from everyone in our team and we look with gratitude and excitement at any proposal for improving, updating, simplifying or expanding our work. We need everybody on-board, because everybody’s input matters. We work as a team to find the best solution that could help us make a further leap towards our growth.

Excellence needs failure

We are not afraid to make decisions in our area of expertise and responsibility. We act on opportunities and we react fast to stimuli and always look for novel ways of being better. We understand that quality is driven by being special, personal, memorable. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. We understand that this is only possible if we accept and embrace challenge, and challenge requires a certain tolerance to risk, the willingness to get out of our comfort zone. While we do not like to fail, we do not fear failure, we see it as an indispensable part of excellence and success; we look at mistakes as opportunities for learning, as long as we do learn from them and they are made in the pursuit of our values.

Individual Impact

We have a relentless drive for becoming a better version of ourselves, every day. Hence, we learn, we (re)think, we challenge our own assumptions. We also strive for personal growth and we look for every opportunity for personal improvement, we understand that the primary responsibility for our growth lies with ourselves. We also value progress, being better tomorrow than today. We value being the best we can be, not being better than others. In order to achieve performance, we see continuous improvement both as a personal responsibility and a duty towards our team. 

The responsibility of autonomy

Autonomy is in our DNA.

Retail Marketing is fundamentally decentralized. Self-reliance is at the bottom of any true field marketer’s DNA. We are active people, aware of our own strengths and weaknesses and we choose to work with the elements we can control, in order to get things done, in our clients’ best interest.

Freedom to achieve​

We start everything with the end in mind and we plan a way to achieve it. We believe in our ability to execute great work.  As part of the retail marketing community, we cherish freedom and responsibility at the same time. Being in control of our own life, acting independently and autonomously while getting things done makes us reliable and dependable. 

Owning our autonomy

We understand our duties and responsibilities towards our clients and our colleagues who rely on us for fully and timely delivering what we sign up for. We have the autonomy to do the job the best way we see fit, with little hierarchical guidance and no strict rules, but we understand that within this freedom we are accountable for our part of the team effort and that our colleagues expect us to deliver the what, not the how.

Working together

Achievement needs team

In our view, a team’s purpose is to deliver performance, effectiveness and to contribute to our greater good. In our more than 20 years of experience we’ve learnt that any of our team’s success depends on each individual’s contribution and engagement. We share ideas and feelings that can make us better, we understand that there are no winners in a losing team.

At the same time, we understand that our force as a team is much greater than our force as individuals. We see our future in the company as a team, therefore we value the team result and we support the team effort. We help each other whenever help is needed.

Safe environment

We understand that in order for this to happen we need to create a psychologically safe environment where collaboration is fostered, constructive feedback is encouraged, and where we care about each other at all times.

An environment in which each member feels comfortable to debate any subject and contribute with their own perspective in order to generate better solutions for our common goals.

We see our team as a family: a place where you can be who you are without fear of judgment, rejection, criticism, or political games. We understand that none of us is perfect and our role is not to judge but to help improve each other.

Reliability and accountability

As mature adults, working together as one team, we understand that it is in our own responsibility to keep everyone in our team accountable for their actions and behaviors, starting with ourselves. We argue upfront and commit after. When a decision is made, we stick to it, we are reliable and consistent. If we need to change something, we do it in the same forum that took the initial decision. We take ownership for our responsibilities and deliver as promised.

Trust and Respect.

We operate from an assumption of trust in our colleagues’ goodwill and competence. If someone does something that we do not like or condone, we start by assuming it was an honest mistake or a misunderstanding. We try to understand before judging, align before exclude, we never rush to judgment.

When we have a difference in opinions, we try to integrate before criticizing and we work for a third way, that integrates both views, based on the trust in and respect of the other person’s opinion and values. When we make decisions, we involve those affected. We respect each other’s time and work. We always treat others at least the way we would like to be treated.

Navigating failure

We look to solve problems, not assign blame. If something prevents us from keeping our promises, we let the people affected know as soon as possible and work together for a mutually agreeable solution.

When we make mistakes we see it as our responsibility to correct their consequences, we do not look for scapegoats and we do not shy away from them. When a project we coordinate skids, we quickly let everyone know of the real status of things and we put all our efforts to remedy the sideslip shortly.

We know that in our field of work fast reaction makes the difference between a successful campaign and a complete failure. So, we understand that the sooner every stakeholder knows the real facts on the ground the better the chances to turn the odds in our favor.

When we make decisions, we keep the greater good in mind and never do anything that might jeopardize the strength of the team. When our individual priorities collide with team priorities, we bring the matter to the team and try to find a mutually beneficial solution, starting from the assumption that there always is one.

Clear is kind

We are candid, open, and honest. In our attempt to become a better version of ourselves, we understand the importance of coming forward with honesty.

We offer and accept constructive feedback. We realize that feedback is a gift, not a judgment, a reflection of other people’s perceptions that allows us to be better. We also understand that being honest does not mean being brutal, we can be at the same time candid and considerate, honest and kind.

We also value open feedback from our peers, clients, and collaborators. While we do our best to keep our minds open and receive the feedback constructively, we understand that we’re mere humans and we’re victims of our own ego that might make us feel uncomfortable to see our blind spots. This is why we see it as valuable to be both candid and considerate when giving feedback, with the authentic intention to help the receiver become better with actionable insight. Never will we approve of feedback as a false pretext for getting frustration off our chest or for malicious, immature intentions.

We don’t hide behind vague words or statements. We say it clear because clearness helps everyone come on the same page or debate with a similar understanding. We encourage transparency for a better, more informed, and the faster reaction of our team members.



We believe there’s always a solution for any challenge we encounter and we do our best to find the most favorable one. We work with the assumption that since you joined our team you commit to finding new ways to solve known challenges.

We might not win every time, but we never back down from a challenge without giving our best shot to overcome it. We also know that challenges are always easier to solve as a team rather than as an individual and we rely on our colleagues’ input and drive to fuel our own grit.


With goodwill, creativity, and an open, exploratory mind you’ll find that it can be quite fun to do things that others may find impossible. We value and encourage a positive attitude towards working together. We find that an optimistic mindset can be contagious and it can foster creativity and solution orientation in our teams.

We are also optimistic about our future as individuals and as a team. We know that all achievements in life require work but we feel confident that we can shape our future in a way that brings us satisfaction. Aiming for the sky will not always take you to the stars, but you will never end up in the mud.