Within g7, each employee leads with his own skills and values. If you’ve made it to our team, it means we’re a good match. Our managers are the people that safeguard autonomy, creativity, and responsibility. 

Florina Zamfir


With prior experience in international relations, Florina leads the team with the passion of a French and the methodology of a German.

Marinela Margarit

Client Service Director Brand Activation

Starting as a brand endorser herself, Marinela understands perfectly how to marry brands objectives with consumers’ aspirations.

Adela Dascalu

Client Service Director Merchandising

A noteworthy prodigy, Adela safeguards clients’ interests as fiercly as our merchandisers safeguard our clients' shelves.

Alexandru Barbieru

Head of Project Management

With an affinity for technology, Alex has extensive experience in managing teams to deliver virtually any type of brand engagement project.

Ioana hojda

Field National Manager

A field person by heart, Ioana manages distributed teams and crisscrosses the country from north to south and east to west.

Andrei Pantea


Andrei manages the digital transformation of the agency with the DNA of a field marketer turned full stack developer.

Catalin Lusor

HR Director

In a business of services for people delivered through people, Catalin puts the highlight on the people which help brands serve people.

Laurentia Macovei

HR Center Director

to follow

Camelia Carstea


Camelia leads the team that keeps the checks & balances balanced & in check and the checks flowing consistently & predictably.