Retail Execution

Give your brand the shelf space
that it deserves.

Modern retail is not for the fainthearted. In order to win in-store, you need to fight for every inch of shelf, replenish it flawlessly and monitor it closely. We’ve been doing this for our clients for more than 20 years, both for billion dollar global brands and for fresh new local brands. We can help you with all of that.  

The flexibility to place
the right people on the right job.

We’re confident that we can serve your brand. Not only because we are optimistic by nature, but because we’ve developed an engine that produces consistent results in retail. It runs on high-quality agents, thorough onboarding, digital infrastructure, respect and commitment. This is what this engine is made of: 

National Coverage

We're present in all the cities with modern retail venues, with work coordinated in the field by our Regional Managers and in the back office by your single point of contact, the Project Managers.


Through our roots in the retail ecosystem and the local communities, we can staff any project or dedicated workforce. Our HR Excellence center streamlines the entire recruitment and onboarding processes.


We take training seriously. So seriously, that we've developed our own digital platform to deliver trainings under the Active Learning methodology, with outcomes up to 5 times better than traditional training.


Regardless if its remuneration for contingent work, regular employment or performance-based incentivization schemes, we take care of all the administrative tasks of rewarding our agents for the work they do for you.

Live reporting

We understand that our data impact your business decisions, so we've invested in a modern reporting infrastructure that allows information to flow in realtime from the retail venue straight to your workstation.

In house logistics

We have dozens of regional warehouses connected to the central warehouse through a transparent digital WMS. We cover all the logistics, from your own warehouse to the last-mile retail fullfilment.

Agents' Digital HUB

We hold our agents in high regard. That's why we've built a dedicated platform in which they can handle anything from employment paperwork and leave management to payroll info and career opportunities.

FTE, PTE or even NoTE

We have the flexibility to work with our agents under any conditions the project requires. Either through full-time employment dedicated to your brand, part-time, daily, project-based, or even task-based.

Local know-how

Insight into the local retail dynamics can only be earned, with years of experience in the field. Our people know the specificities of each retail venue they service because they have been doing it for a while.

Core Services

We’ve started with merchandising and we still do it every day in hundreds of stores across the country. Today we cover just about anything your operation needs, from commercial representation or sales agents to live retail audits and AI driven mobile taskforces. 

Sales Support

Commercial representation

Mobile sales agents

In-store consultants 

Brand ambassadors 

Contingent promoters

Shop-in-Shop management


Special placements


POSM Implementation

Category branding

Retail shows logistics

Omnichannel logistics

Pop-up Shops management

Retail intelligence

Shelf Audits

Mystery Shopper Programmes

Shopper Surveys

Competition Monitoring

Promo Monitoring


Dedicated workforce

Multibrand merchandising

Mobile task-forces

Spot support

AI driven merchandising experiments


Every project is unique

Every brand is unique and every market context has its own challenges. We approach all with the same curiosity and desire to create value. Have a look at some of the projects we’ve developed for our clients in the past.

Experience + Execution

Retail execution is just one side of your brand’s story. The strength of our agency is evident when we bring retail experience and execution together under a seamless approach.