About us

Our view

As the ultimate meeting ground for brands and shoppers, we believe retail is the foundation for sustainable brand development and long-term consumer loyalty building. We work openly with clients, retailers, technology partners and fellow agencies to advance the shopper-centric approach towards retail marketing.


g7 is established

Cluj-Napoca is the city that the team called home for many years.

Hello Bucharest

The commercial headquarter is established in Bucharest, ran by 3 account managers.

A professional brand

g7 goes throug the first proper branding process

Riding the 7Waves

g7 implements a unique brand experience destination, in Romania's most popular seaside resort.

Recognized efficiency

Nivea Summer Memories is g7's first project awarded at the Effie Awards.

The creative workshop

Atelier Sapte is setup as the creative division of g7, offering specialized brand activation services.

The EFMP family

g7 joins European Field Marketing Partners, a cross-national alliance of leading FM agencies.

15 years

With 15 years of experience and hundreds of implemented projects, g7 is a mature agency.

TheSquad goes live

A dedicated training and enablement platform, onboarding all our contingent associates.

Feasy goes live

What started as an internal tool becomes a Field Marketing marketplace spinoff company.

Retail is where all the efforts of people building brands and products meet all the expectations and needs of consumers. We take pride and responsibility in acting as facilitators for shoppers to discover delightful brands and for brands to reach the homes of thousands of people.

Key strengths

We are an agency that welcomes contrasts. We are deeply grounded in retail execution services, yet act as a creative powerhouse. Our know-how is highly local, yet our field of vision is international. And even if we are a marketing agency, we have more software engineers in our team than we have copywriters.  

design _ layers, layer, layered, overlap

Scale and consistency

We know our way around the retail ecosystem and we are more than comfortable operating in it. Retail is where our work shines. Over the course of the years, we’ve worked with the same diligence both for nascent local brands and international iconic brands.  

Two decades of experience

We have learned the nuts and bolts of retail by working over 20 years in the middle of it.

100% modern retail penetration

No matter what retail or geographic coverage you need, our coverage has it covered.

Track record in delivery

Our clients stay because we deliver. Every day, on every project. Once we commit, we go all in.

Technological leadership

Retail marketing is driven by the people executing it in the field. We’re building the technology that enables teams to execute faster, results to be shared in real-time, and clients to act and decide based on live data. Because in retail, speed counts.

Built by marketeers, for retail marketing

Our IT infrastructure is built from the ground up to service the specific needs of our industry.

Automations embedded for speed

From hiring to reporting, we're streamlining all processes required to deploy brand reps in the field.

In-house fullstack development hub

We're not a tech company, but we know the value of tech. That's why we're building it on demand.

An open culture

Our clients trust us because we trust our team. We know that retail marketing can be unpredictable sometimes and we rely on our people in the field to step up with solutions. And when this happens on a daily basis, we get to progress everyday.

Open to connect to the world inside

Any team member is a distinguished team member. We hold on high account all internal input and feedback.

Open to connect to the world outside

We are always curious about other views on retail marketing. This drives our pursuit to build relationships.

Open for growth opportunities

Mastery is not a goal, but a journey. That's why we learn from our projects, our clients, and our partners.