TheSquad: EFMP Romanian partner, G7, designs a user-centric engagement solution for field marketing ambassadors

”As challenging as keeping up with the technological trends transforming our businesses can be, there is an even bigger challenge ahead of us: keeping up with the workforce. By 2020, Generation Z (the current 16-23 y.o. ) is forecast to make up 24% of the workforce globally (Statista Research Department, 2019) and, in order to attract Gen Z, employers must be ready to adopt a speed of evolution that matches the external environment.” Corina Chiorean, CEO g7.

Field marketing agencies are amongst the businesses at the forefront of this shift due to the nature of their operations, where they work extensively and closely with young people. At g7, having felt the disruption in the workforce for some time now, they have come to understand that their current ambassadors have different expectations, not only from brands, but also from employers.

After going through piles of studies profiling the GenZ, they’ve gone even further, and they did some research of their own, to gain insight, through surveys and focus groups, on what their field ambassadors really care about. And they came to a realisation that caused a shift in their mindset: they needed to transform from being an employer to being an enabler. This means that g7 are now evolving from being merely a source of employment and a job provider to a becoming a source of validation and a promoter of early success for their employees. This understanding is the foundation of TheSquad, an online platform developed by g7 and dedicated to building engagement, simplifying operations and increasing loyalty within  their contingent workforce. 

GenZ-ers feel  that they’re responsible for their careers, and that skills development is something that they must do in order to be pro-active in this regard. That’s why g7 decided that the first pillar of TheSquad would be eLearning. Through this platform, users have access to a growing library of open courses, from marketing and sales promotion to personal leadership and negotiating skills. The second pillar of TheSquad was built to serve the ”on-demand” expectations that GenZ-ers have just about everything, from pizzas and car-rides to jobs and training. And indeed, as g7 maintains, why should this not be the case? So they’ve set up an internal marketplace to match the agency’s projects with the users’ locations, brands, and time preferences. Each new job is posted automatically on the platform and any user can apply to a range of projects that they find interesting, considerably streamlining the project staffing process. 

Being digital natives, the mobile screen is the medium through which  Gen Z interacts with the world. They’re not just tech-savvy, they have an expectation of constantly being able to connect and collaborate using technology at any time. So the technical solution that  g7 have chosen for TheSquad is a responsive mobile web application that can be accessed from any device whenever it is convenient for the users to do so.

”We’ve put a tremendous effort into building TheSquad because we’re confident that this tool will generate a lot of value for all stakeholders involved: higher satisfaction for our ambassadors, faster operations for our core team and ultimately, better results for our clients. Even more, this latest addition to our toolkit enforces our position as a digital-first operation, TheSquad is integrating nicely with our digital logistics management, mobile field reporting system, live data visualisation tools and a set of other  automisations and cloud services that we’re implementing within the agency.” Corina Chiorean, CEO g7. 

EFMP Romanian partner, g7 maintain that the top-line finding from their research is that genZ workers value face-to-face interactions, choice-rich environments, security, and the natural as well as the digital experience. Through TheSquad, g7 are confident that they are in a privileged position in the market to deliver precisely that, and they’re confident that they’ll reap the benefits of their investment. 

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Published on EFMP